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Vanguard lowers expenses

If you’re a UK based investor who’s interested in keeping investment expenses low then it’s highly likely that you’re using Vanguard index and exchange traded funds (ETFs).  If that’s you then on Wednesday there was… Read More »Vanguard lowers expenses


A chart of the monthly FTSE 100 price looks something like this: Click to enlarge, Monthly FTSE 100 Price This is the chart that you’ll see on all the mainstream media channels and it shows… Read More »Lenses


If you were a trader on the financial markets, I’d think that you’ve probably had quite an interesting week.  After all the S&P500 is down 11.5% (an official correction without even going back into the… Read More »Perspective

2019 HYP Review

It’s now a little over 8 years ago that I started to build my UK High Yield Portfolio (HYP).  It was a much talked about strategy back in the Motley Fool forum days and today… Read More »2019 HYP Review